Bringing a Comprehensive Approach to Inspections

Leave the heavy lifting to us.

A Custom Inspection Plan for Your Business

Phase 1 - Data and Information Collection

We review and sort current data to inform the inspection path we need to take.

Phase 2 - Risk Assessment (RBI)

Determine if existing data is adequate for compliance. Digitize existing data. Recommend remedies for data shortfall.

Phase 3 - Risk Ranking (RBI)

The assets' risks are then sorted into categories ranked by importance.

Phase 4 - Inspection Plan

We create plans for each of the assets identified in the evaluation stages.

Phase 5 - Execute Inspection Plan

Your inspection plan is carried out- if adjustments are needed, we issue and approve the plan for that here.

Phase 6 - Data Storage

Your data is then preserved into easy to access files so it is ready to go for any future audits and inspections.

Our Mission

Our goal is to develop long-term relationships with our clients that prove beneficial to both parties. We firmly believe that the true test of a company’s reputation depends upon the customer’s satisfaction of their performance. The key to the success of Elliott Services’ reputation is our employees.


With today’s emphasis on safety, quality, and costs, the company you select for your inspection needs must be the best possible choice. We would very much appreciate the opportunity to have Elliott Services, Inc. be that company!

Our Vision

Our Vision is to be a single source premiere inspection company that adheres to the highest ethical standards and a pioneer in the development and implementation of technology driven inspection services.

About Our Approach

ESI focuses on delivering asset management and compliance through the delivery of inspection services in a sustainable platform – maximizing the value of our expert inspection services.

About Our Team

As a team of like minded individuals, we at Elliott Services strive for the best in the workforce.

Our Service

At Elliott Services we provide top of the line service. Striving for perfection and the excellent quality.