About Us

Who are We?

ESI is an Inspection Company specializing in Quality Assurance and Quality Control for the energy, chemical and refining industries.  We offer mechanical integrity solutions along with remote digital inspections including aerial and underwater.  Our highly experienced and qualified professional inspectors are certified to API, NACE, AWS, and ASNT requirements.

Our History

ESI was established on January 1, 1991. We develop and maintain long term relationships based on Safety, Quality and Integrity. ESI is continuously bringing top of the line technology to our clients’ needs. We have a demonstrated track record that includes increasing our capabilities and bringing personable service to all of our clients. Our team strives to revitalize the inspection industry, bring continuous improvement, and continuous addition of Risk Based Inspection.

Our Clients

What Makes Us Unique

Targeted Service

We excel in providing our clients with targeted service. We give our clients and our employees the individual attention they deserve.


Communication between our management, our inspection team, and our clients is extensive. We want to ensure a well rounded product is delivered to all of our clients.

Honesty and Integrity

We have built an excellent reputation as a company whose management and employees exhibit the highest degree of honesty and integrity.

Safety Performance

ESI Safety Policies & Procedures developed and updated annually. ESI is a member in good standing with the following:

  • ISNetworld (Acct # 400-129488)
  • Veriforce (Operator Qualification)
  • Avetta(Operator Qualification)
  • National Compliance Management Services
  • ESI has an exemplary safety record with only one Loss Time Injury (minor knee sprain) in 1998.


NDE, NDT, Project Management, Examination, Testing, Inspection, Assessment, Nondestructive testing, Evaluation, Verification, Inspector, Supervision, Approvals, Vessel inspection, Piping inspection, Boiler inspection, Mag particle, Liquid penetrate, MPI, LPI, UTT, UT, UTSW, PAUT, Phased array, Ultrasonics, RBI, Corrosion Analysis, Corrosion Monitoring, CML, Engineering based Inspections, Inspection Data Management, Baselines for processing plants, Drone based inspections, NDT services, NDE services, Underwater drones, and MFL’s.

API Compliance, Record Compliance and avoidance of penalties associated with non-compliance.

ASME, B31, API 510 570 580 653, Established Procedures, and prevailing codes.

FDA Audit, EPA Audit, OSHA Audit, Inspection Compliance, Inspection Records, Inspection Findings, OSHA Violations, EPA Violations, Inspection Violations, Asset integrity, Permitting, Verifications, Certification, Preventative maintenance, Preventive maintenance, Recertification, Auditing, and Mechanical Integrity.