Our Team

Bini Vallassery

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

As CEO, Bini sets the goals, direction and objectives for the entire company. Bini Vallassery is a petroleum engineer with experience working overseas, in the continental US and deep water offshore. Bini got exposed to Mechanical Integrity and the critical nature of inspections while working in operations management. His belief that every company must do everything in their power to have employee go home safe at the end of the day and his focus on operations excellence are the primary reasons that he is involved in ESI.

Jonathan Longnecker

Director of Operations

Jonathan comes to ESI with over thirty years of experience in the industrial management industry, Jonathan brings a broad range of experiences including working onshore, offshore, managing turnarounds and managed a systems engineering group that commissioned two large refineries. In addition, he has extensive background in generating and managing MSA’s.

Scott Leitko

Technology Systems Manager

With over 30 years of industry experience, Scott’s focus has been on strategic alignment and development of assets and resources to maximize value to stake holders. Scott’s extensive experience in product, program and project execution strategy development and deployment is invaluable in aligning the capabilities of ESI with the goals and objectives of our clients. Scott has delivered success at corporate, executive management and project levels over the past 20 years. Scott has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Houston.

Janice Konerza

Business Manager

Janice ensures that our services are delivered to our clients with maximum focus on technical integrity through comprehensive administration of contracting, accounting and personnel management. Janice facilitates certifications, site access requirements and asset coordination to assure Elliott is prepared to deliver top quality services on time and according to commitments. Janice has a distinguished background in the technical assurance industry and has comprehensive knowledge of the keys to business delivery and understands the necessity of organization along with careful handling of company’s requirements of employees, subcontractors, government institutions, and all clients.

Leonard Plaunty

Operations Manager

Leonard brings 35 years of inspection experience to Elliott’s customers. An expert in NDT, Leonard leads our inspection teams in the delivery of technical solutions to inspection challenges. Leonard is leading our operations in Louisiana while contributing technical consulting to all ESI’s projects and deliveries.

Leonard offers the following certifications and trainings:
• Basic & Advanced Phased Array
• Level 2 Magnetic Particle
• Level 2 Liquid Penetrant
• Bottom Hole Assembly
• Electromagnetic Inspection of Tubulars Level 2
• Ultrasonic Level 2

Leonard’s expertise and experience assures our customers access to the most effective inspection technologies, assuring our customers maximize the value of their inspection planning and executions.

Jesus Mayoral

Project Engineering Manager

Jesus Mayoral is our lead Mechanical Integrity Engineer and supervises our inspection/engineering interfaces and projects. Jesus is an expert in applying RBI for asset management and reliability applications.

Jesus has 28 years of experience as a field engineer, inspection engineer and reliability and maintenance. His experience includes
• consulting
• supervising shut downs
• performing inspection and mechanical integrity analysis
• fit for service (FFS) calculations and assessments
• risk-based inspection calculations and assessments

Jesus has certifications in:
• API 580 Risk-Based Inspection Certification – American Petroleum Institute #63373
• API 571 Corrosion and Materials Certification – American Petroleum Institute #60765
• API 510 Pressure Vessel Inspector Certification – American Petroleum Institute #28705
• API 570 Piping Inspection Inspector Certification – American Petroleum Institute #39879
• Society for Maintenance and Reliability Professional – SMRP ID: 222023

Jesus’ broad background, experience, and technical expertise brings to our clients a robust set of tools and applications to extract the maximum value out of their inspection planning, execution and compliance tracking.

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